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Founded in 1996 in GeoCities' Area51 neighbourhood, at address 5393, the Yavin IV Oupost was my first web site. Its creation was catalyzed by my involvement in the online Star Wars community, notably IRC channels on EFnet and Undernet and Decipher's Star Wars CCG bulletin boards, and the recent opening of GeoCities to the public. I've saved and uploaded all of the original files, which after more than a decade of neglect were miraculously still available at the original site.

The two versions below existed concurrently, as I was in the process of updating the site in late 1997. However, the operator of a site called The Empire offered me space on SimpleNet and my site's contents were adapted to a Coruscant theme (mind you, this was long before Episode I). I also rescued some of the Star Wars Underground, a ridiculous attempt to create a network of Star Wars sites banding together against Lucasfilm IP crackdowns, from the Internet Archive. The member sites of the SWU were some of the most prominent Star Wars sites on the web in their day.

First Version Second Version Star Wars Underground

The pages here are presented in their original format, unmodified except for a few image and link references here and there. Don't be surprised if a lot of it is broken; this was the best I could do.

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