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Aaron Mavrinac: Open Source

I am an open source software developer. I've contributed to several large projects. I also maintain several smaller projects and a Portage overlay for Gentoo Linux.

I code in Python, C, and C++ (GNU toolchain). I am familiar with a variety of open source libraries and development tools in these ecosystems.

Large Projects


  • A. Laudicina and A. Mavrinac, "Thousand Parsec," in The Architecture of Open Source Applications, A. Brown and G. Wilson, eds., Lulu, 2011.

Open Source Software Skills

Bash, Bazaar, Boost, CMake, Cython, Doxygen, Eigen, Epydoc, Funtoo Linux, GCC, Gentoo Linux, Gimp, Git, Google Test, GTK+, GSL, ImageMagick, Inkscape, Intel TBB, LaTeX, Mercurial, ncurses, NumPy, OpenCV, PCL, PyGTK, Python, PyYAML, ROS, SciPy, SCons, Visual, wxWidgets

Aaron Mavrinac

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