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A Miniature Minesweeper Clone for Windows


Do you want to play minesweeper incognito? Do you hate your eyes? Are you trying to improve your dexterity with the mouse? Then Minimine is the game for you! A clone of the expert puzzle on Minesweeper, Minimine can provide hours of fun while flipping the bird to ergonomics and your boss.

Minimine is written in C++ using the Win32 API and compiled with MinGW.


Here is an actual size screenshot of Minimine in action:

Minimine: Main Window

With a 245 by 144 pixel screen footprint, Minimine should be unnoticeable by any figures of authority that may glance at your monitor, provided you are working at a half-decent resolution. And if you think the tiny buttons will slow down your game, think again: actual tests have shown that Minesweeper mojo is not affected by the size of the field, given a short adjustment period.

Minimine: System Tray

It also minimizes to the system tray, for those times when you really need to go undercover. Don't worry, the timer will wait for you. Ninja sold separately.

To Do

  • Add an ESC hotkey that minimizes the window (remember when games had Boss Keys?).
  • Maybe an F2 hotkey to start a new game.
  • Improve window repainting. It's a little amateurish right now.

Download Minimine

Minimine is free software licensed under the GNU General Public License and is available for download.

You may also find the latest (not necessarily stable) developments in the Git repository for this project. Clone the repository using the following command:

git clone git://

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