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Kaossilator Fu

Korg Kaossilator

Undocumented Modes

Double Loop Mode

Hold the Tempo and Loop buttons while powering on the unit.

This mode increases the maximum loop length to 16 bars, and allows real-time cutting and overdubbing. Some very interesting loops can be achieved in various ways in this mode. It does disable the normal 2-channel recording, so there is no fix or cancel functionality, and the beat counter is not shown. Also, in this mode, once a loop is recorded, the tempo remains in sync with real time (so that pressing the Loop button will start the loop in sync with external time, and not at the beginning of the loop).

See triplesquarednine's excellent demonstration video of DLY mode.

Diagnostic Mode

Hold the Tempo, Scale, and Gate Arp buttons while powering on the unit.

This mode runs through a series of tests and calibrations to verify correct functioning of the Kaossilator. The tests should allow you to pinpoint most problems.

There is a specific procedure involved in testing the unit, which is covered nicely in 3amsleep's demonstration video of all three undocumented modes.

Battery Mode

Hold the Tempo, Loop, and Gate Arp buttons while powering on the unit.

This mode displays battery life status.

Hardware Hacks


This modification adds an external port to the Kaossilator, breaking out the four function buttons to pins and adding a sustain feature. This allows for external control of many functions. See the demonstration for more details, and full instructions to do it yourself.

Grid Modification

This hack adds a 9-by-5 grid to the touchpad of the Kaossilator, printed on acetate. Check out KGridMod for more information, pictures, and grid templates to make your own.

My Implementation

I have implemented the KMod and KGridMod hacks. I used a DE-9 male port rather than a PS/2 female port for the KMod. Note the standalone, portable sustain switch.

Kaossilator Mod Front Kaossilator Mod Top

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