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Multi-Camera Coverage Simulator


Adolphus is a library and interactive tool for modeling and visualizing the coverage of multi-camera vision systems. It is based on advanced research in coverage modeling, and aims to be general enough to subsume the vast majority of vision applications and report on quantitative performance.



Adolphus requires Python 2.6 or later, PyYAML 3.09 or later, and setuptools.

Visual 5.4 or later is required for 3D visualization and interaction (optional, recommended). PyGTK 2.22 or later is required for the interactive tool panel (optional).

Epydoc is required for generating API documentation (optional).


Adolphus is free software licensed under the GNU General Public License.

There is no official release yet, but you may find the latest (not necessarily stable) developments in the Git repository for this project. Clone the repository using the following command:

git clone git://

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